‘Benital’ : Chasing The Himalayan Monsoon.

Benital is a hidden jewel of Garhwal, a place not yet trending and a path less travelled. Situated in the Garhwal Himalayas, surrounded with palm trees, it provides a tantalizing view of snow capped Himalayan peak. Away from the chaos of the busy hill stations, this place attracts with its peace and beauty.


I first happened to be at this place during the solo journeys. The place was spectacular and beautiful, so I couldn’t resist myself from getting back here again. The monsoons in Himalayas could be a sight to behold and so to experience one such amazing Himalayan monsoon, we were at this place again. The place is well connected by road so we just have to drive to the place, put out the luggage and set up our camps on the green carpets of the meadow. The mountains welcomed us with clear panoramic views and chill winds, we lazed around the around the lake in the evening. The night views where as amazing when the far away lights of the town where visible as twinkling stars. By the time we had our dinner drizzling started which turn windy with more rains. There is this amazing feeling of laying inside the tent on a dark night when we could hear the sound of the rains falling outside on our tents. It brings the music of nature which is soothing to ear and this made us fall in sleep in no time. The day broke early, when I peeked outside my tent first, the whole area was filled with dense mist and within the blink of eyes the mist was taken away by the wind and we were opened to views and beauty of this place.

The roads
Panoramic views


Experiencing such beauty on a mountain at times doesn’t find the right words. The whole valley below was filled with clouds. The clouds ran from valleys to valleys, as if it was their playground. They would cover some part of the valley for the time being and then suddenly move ahead and cover the different part. The mighty Himalayan ranges where playing hide and seek among the clouds. The far away villages with their terraced farms appeared greener. The grass where wet and the tiny droplets of rain outside of our tent and a pleasant weather, life doesn’t need many big occasions to be happier. This was once of life time memories we had with the mountains. It’s like these mountains turn alive during monsoons. The views were greener and clearer.

Mt. Chaukambha from Benital.

The horizon
5 in the morning
Post card pictures

The views

For those who wish for a quite peaceful escape in the mountain and wish to go beyond the usual this could be your place. And although well connected by road this place doesn’t have shops, hotels and restaurants so do make necessary arrangements beforehand, if one wishes to stay at the place.

Mountains calling

Getting there??

Route to Benital is: Rishikesh (NH 58) – Karanprayag (NH 87) – Simli – Simli Band towards Khandura(after 200 mt take left which shows a sign board towards Benital and continue the journey on state highway to 26 km)

Happy camping!!

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